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Frequently asked questions

Who can become a Forth Bike Member?

You must be at least 16 years of age to be eligible to use Forth Bike. It is your responsibility to maintain your Forth Bike membership and keep it secure. Memberships cannot be shared. If your membership is shared with others you are responsible for any incidents that occur.

Where can I ride my Forth Bike bike?

You can ride anywhere in the city as long as you remain within the system area. You can check the designated area on the Forth Bike maps, website, Mobile App or kiosks. If you leave the area you might incur penalties.

How long can I rent a Forth Bike bike?

As a member, you can use Forth Bike as often as you wish. Remember, the first 45 minutes of each individual ride is included in all memberships. Don’t want to end your ride? If you choose to keep the cycle longer than your included time, you are simply charged a minimal fee of £ 0.50 for each additional 45 minutes thereafter.


Forth Bike cycles must be returned within the day. If a cycle is not returned after 24 consecutive hours of use, it will be considered stolen and a fee of £ 1,500 will be charged to your credit card, unless it is reported to Forth Bike differently. If you have a problem, please call customer service at +44 1290 438290.


To learn more about membership subscriptions, please see our pricing page.


Will a pre-authorization amount be held on my card?

Forth Bike no longer reserves a £ 25.00 per cycle pre-authorization hold for the duration of your membership.

Why does Forth Bike have Overtime Charges for all Members?

Forth Bike was designed as a cycle-share that is to be available to all residents and visitors. Overtime charges apply to memberships because it prompts users to return the cycles after they have finished using them, ensuring that the entire community will benefit from the system.

Can I lend my Forth Bike membership card to someone?

No. Membership cards are only valid for their registered users. Because memberships are connected to your identification and payment information, you will be held responsible for any incidents that occur under the account. Memberships are non-transferrable and cannot be shared with another user.

How do I take a Forth Bike cycle out of a dock?

After obtaining your Forth Bike membership go to a Forth Bike station and find an available cycle. Look at the screen located between the handlebars to verify that the cycle is available for use.


If you have a membership card, tap it on the indicated section of the cycle screen. The Forth Bike cycle will signal that your membership card has been read and that you are ready to remove the cycle from its docking point. You have 10 seconds to take the Forth Bike cycle out of the dock or unlock the secondary lock of the Forth Bike cycle (if the cycle is not in a dock). If you do not remove the Forth Bike cycle in 10 seconds, the cycle will lock again and you will have to repeat the process.


If you are using the Mobile App, login on your device and choose the Forth Bike cycle you want to ride by entering its number. Each cycle number is located under the steering post, directly beneath the handlebar. Simply enter this number and follow the on-screen steps to unlock your cycle.


If it is not possible to unlock the Forth Bike cycle you will receive an error code. There might be a problem with the cycle or your membership subscription. Try again on another cycle or review your membership information online. If you continue to have problems, please call customer service at +44 1290 438290.


Can I use the Forth Bike cycle only from time to time?

Yes, you may choose to purchase an Occasional Membership on the Mobile App. Details can be found on the pricing page.

I am just visiting for a short time. How do I use the system?

Visitors to Forth Valley have the option of purchasing an Occasional Membership on the Mobile App, a short-term membership option designed for those who wish to explore Forth Valley. Further details can be found on the pricing page.

I subscribed online. Can I use the service now?

Yes, after you register you can use the system right away by unlocking a Forth Bike cycle using the Mobile App. To do this, download the Forth Bike Mobile App (link to App page) and login. Next, choose the unlock option and input the Forth Bike cycle number, located under the steering post directly beneath the handlebar. This simple process will unlock the cycle for your immediate use.

How many subscriptions can I purchase simultaneously with my credit card?

When you are purchasing a Membership, each credit card can be linked up to four (4) memberships. Each membership allows to use one (1) cycle at a time.

When does my membership begin?

Your membership begins on the date of your registration. After you register you can use the system right away by unlocking a Forth Bike cycle using the Mobile App.

What do I do if there are no empty docks when I return my Forth Bike cycle?

When docking stations are full, you can contact us at +44 1290 438290 to create a virtual space at your current location and dock your cycle using the secondary lock. To do this, simply activate the cycle’s secondary lock by placing the lock in its slot. The cycle screen and sound will indicate that the cycle has been locked. When the secondary lock is used in a virtual zone near the station, the Forth Bike Cycle is considered returned and your rental will end.

What do I do if there are no Forth Bike cycles available at the station?

Check the live Maps —available on the website or on the Mobile App. Maps will display the real-time availability of the Forth Bike cycles at all docking stations. To download the Forth Bike Mobile App on your smartphone, click here.